Business Compliances

ROC ‘Annual Compliances’

Companies are required to file certain form Annually with ROC such as AOC-4, Form MGT-7; similarly, LLPs’ are required to File their Annual Return in Form 11 & Statement of Accounts and Solvency of a LLP in Form -8. Non-Filing/Late filing of ROC form attracts heavy fines.

We at AAP Consulting Private Limited will take care of your annual filing requirements with ROC by accurate preparation and timely filing of the ROC forms.

ROC ‘Event based Compliances’

The ROC EventBased Compliances are the mandatory compliances other than the usual and mandatory annual and periodical compliances. Generally, event-based compliances are required in case of any change in business such as-

    • Change in name,
    • Change in address
    • Change in partners/directors by way of admission/removal
    • Change in object clause/AoA/MoA
    • Change in Capital Contribution/Profit sharing Ratio
    • Change in Share Capital
    • Change in LLP Agreement
    • Change in legal status- From Public Company to Private Company or vice versa

The above changes are required to be Intimated to the ROC within prescribed time through filing the prescribed Forms. Non-Filing/ Late Filing of such form attracts heavy penalties.

We at AAP Consulting Private Limited have a team of experts who may assist you to make suitable changes in your business by drafting the required legal documents and filing the prescribed forms

Business Closure

In case you are planning to close your business due to any reason, it is very important that you wind-up your business activities after doing all the necessary legal compliances. Proper Winding-up of business offers the protection to your personal assets and your legal heirs. Merely leaving the business dormant may result in worst legal and financial outcomes. The winding up of Company and LLP requires strike-off the name of the company/LLP from ROC. There shall be no dues of secured/unsecured creditors, employees etc. before winding up of business.

We at AAP Consulting Private Limited may provide you the proper counselling and guidance for closure of your business. We shall assist you in Pre-Closure activities and closing compliances for a hassle-free winding up.