Intellectual Property Rights


  • A trademark is any symbol, name, slogan or device used for differentiating and distinguishing the product or any business from the other.
  • The trademark registration acts as a hedge to maintain the distinctive and individual characteristics of any brand or product. It gives the exclusive right to the owner to refrain the others from using it in any kind or manner.

Our services include:

  • We at AAP Consulting Private Limited assist our clients in determining the feasibility of the trademark by conducting a prior trademark search. An already claimed trademark by some IP owner cannot be further asserted or secured by anyone.
  • After determining the viability of the trademark, we assist in getting the trademark registered by filing application, replying to objections raised (if any).

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is an important aspect of Intellectual Property Rights used for securing the visual pattern, shape, configuration, design and ornamentation of the product of the owner for a certain period of time to ensure the ingenuity and the aesthetics of the creative and intellectual content.

We at AAP Consulting Private Limited help our clients in confirming legal viability of recommending industrial design and it’s registration.

Domain name

Fortifying the domain name is the backbone of any online business to recognize and promote the business identity on the web. Hence, it has become imperative for the IP Rights holders to protect their online business identities from unauthorized use by the third party and to develop legal strategies and integrating domain name protection to strengthen the IP Rights portfolios.

We, at AAP Consulting Private Limited offer proficient legal services for protecting, managing and enforcing the domain name portfolios in the region. We guide our clients with availability searches, filing for domain name registrations, handling renewals etc.