Start a Business

Starting up a business needs thorough planning. Before starting any business many crucial decisions are required to be taken such as – legal status of business, fund planning & raising, tax and legal compliances etc. For taking such decisions, one must take help of experts to ensure the feasibility and survival of the business venture.

You may start a business in various legal status such as-

  1. Proprietorship,
  2. Partnership,
  3. LLP,
  4. Private Limited Company,
  5. Public Limited Company
  6. One person Company

One has to choose carefully the legal status for the business; this selection depends on various factors such as ownership, investment required, types of customers/ client, nature of business etc. Similarly, the initial fund requirements, initial legal compliances etc. vary in each type of business. These decisions must be taken with expert advice so that you may make perfect choice, and make your start up legally compliant.